The production programe of the TRISO Company basically consists of measuring and drawing accessories. The brand has more than 100 years of tradition and today it continues its long story. Our printing press workers, technologists and commercial staff gathered under the TRISO brandare doing their best for further development of our products and growth of the brand.


The enterpreneur A.Siegel from Slovenj Gradec started to manufacture a wooden measuring devices.

The company is taken over by I.Mikulic who enlarged the range of products by toys for children and school accessories.

The range of products is upgraded by metal and plastic measuring devices.

The name »Tovarna meril« is adopted into »Tovarna meril Slovenj Gradec« whose organisation was consisting of four production units: plastics, metals, wood, kopa. There was also a common servicing unit established fort he needs of all production units.

Organisational production units became independant companies within the TRISO group.

The TRISO group of companies is officially reorganised into the holding company

The TRISO company stopps existing as a holding organisation. The core of the system i.e. production of measuring devices and drawing accessories continues its activities under different owners and finally in 2012 starts a new chapter of its history under the name TRISO d.o.o. (TRISO Ltd.)

In february 2012 the leadership of the TRISO d.o.o. sets a new business policy and strategy. It starts with new design improvements of products based on new technologies. A modern machines for injection molding with 100% efficiency are placed in the production process and only the high quality raw materials are used. In that time also the new flex programme is started, the measurement scales are modified, new colours of products are used as well as new ways of packaging and design of packing together with product catalogues are introduced – everything with the aim of strengthening the market position of the TRISO company.


The TRISO company is searching for innovations and patents in the slovenian business environement in order to implement them with new products who could be accepted by our customers with interest and pleasure.


On basis of the existing know-how and especially by implementing new technologies we will expand our capacities and strnghten our position on the market into the mutual satisfaction of our customers, employees and the environement.


The company is executing its tasks with the optimal human and production capacities. It is focused on new partnerships within new territories which would reinforce the sales on these markets. The consequent growth of the company would enable new employmentsof specially profiled workers although the contracting experts from the domestic business environement are still welcome since they are considerably contributing to the to the sales dynamics of the company. A special care is intended to the developpment and protection of the intelectual property such as patents, models and trade marks.


With respect to the expectations of the business environement the quality has a special role. This means not only the quality of our products but also the complete concept of the quality assurance in our organisation which is, among others, demonstrated by the certificate ISO 9001:2000.